Lisa C., The Woodlands, TX, 2017
"I have to admit that the first time I used the 38CP gel I didn't read the instructions.  I've used gels before and I thought I knew how to do it but I didn't use the gum protector vitamin e and I got a little [gum blanching].  I wasn't expecting it to be so strong but it did say on the box and in the instructions so I guess I should have read them.  My dentist even told me and I guess I didn't pay attention.

After that first time, I read the instructions, called your consultant, and did it right and WOW!  I wasn't hurting, my gums are fine, and I could see a difference the first time I left it on for the whole 20 minutes.  I'm a week into the treatment and I can already tell I'm going to have white teeth at the end.  I wish I had taken a [before] picture to send you.  I'm very happy!"


Linda E., El Paso, TX, 2016
"I don't normally write these things but you people were so nice and that lady on the phone said she'd been there for almost 40 years since before you started making [whitening] gels.  Well she was just so nice and we talked about my crowns and how to get my teeth to match them again after years of smoking and coffee.  I got my kit in the mail and did just what she said and I just had to let you know how happy I am.  I doubt this message will ever get to the top, but I thought someone should know."

William T. Loesch III, Vice-President, Bio-Medical & Pharm. Mfg. Corp.
"Linda, Thank you so much for your kind words and I'm so happy you are having good results with our MediWhite brand of whitening gel.  I looked at your order and I see that you purchased the 38% CP Professional Kit.  If you ever have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to email or call us.  The person you spoke with has been with the company for 38 years and knows each customer by voice.  My grandfather decided back in the 1950's that we should stay in direct contact with our customers and we intend to do just that.  I wish you well and I promise we will continue to make the best products we can for our customers."


Jason W., Fresno, CA, 2015
"I have spent so much money on [bad] gels from [an online discount site] and I don't think a single one of them was worth a penny.  Some came runny, some came half empty, and I don't think any of them came from the US.  It seemed like a good deal but not if they don't do anything.

I drink coffee all day so my teeth get pretty bad.  I could use these other gels for weeks and nothing would happen.  When I found MediWhite it was a little more expensive than the bargain brands but they said they were made in the US.  I looked them up on the map and they really are there. 

Got a code from my dentist, bought the kit on the website, used it at home.  BOOM.  First time...great results."


Diane V., Las Vegas, NV, 2014
"I've been a dental hygienist for 12 years in Vegas.  It seems that tooth whitening is a thing to do when you come to Vegas so I have seen countless people.  Seeing that many people, I have a good feel for who is going to be sensitive and who is not.  I watch their faces and I can tell when they get this concerned look that we should stop the procedure.  The doctor I work for is a really good guy.  Now we have the [MediWhite Physician Authorized Kit] that these patients can get online and a consultant at the MediWhite company.  It's kinda like having a lab tech on the phone anytime a patient needs them.

Now sensitive patients have a way to get their teeth white in a few weeks instead of suffering through an hour-long procedure.  I feel so much better that we can give them white teeth without hurting them."


Bill L., Houston, TX, 2011
"I remember many years ago.  I went to my dentist to have my teeth whitened.  At that time I paid over $400 for the procedure.  About 10 minutes in, I knew something was wrong but I didn't speak up.  I was feeling pain that mounted with each dose of the UV curing light they used and still I said nothing.  Finally, a nurse noticed the tears running back into my hair from the corners of my eyes and asked 'Are you ok?'  I gave her the thumbs-down sign and she made them stop as she explained that up to 25% of the population is sensitive to the high-strength whitener they used.  I will never do that again!

I had been avoiding whitening products ever since that horrible experience but as I spoke with the consultant, he explained the money back guarantee and understood my reluctance.  I followed what he told me to do and I got great results in just a couple weeks.  Who spends time on the phone with their customer answering every question without sending the call to a call center that doesn't care?  This company does.  They have earned a life long customer."